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Waghornswood Weather

The last update happened at 04:51 Tue, 17 Sep 2019

I have a Ching wa Chu WH1081PC. Its ok and turned out more reliable than the La Crosse WS2305 I used for a week

The Weather for your shoephone.

Hottest: 16.3°C at 0:54
Coldest: 12.6°C at 4:48
Wind Gust NW 59 km/h at 0:15
Average wind W 16 km/h
Max wind Chill: 12.6°C at 4:48
Rain today: 0.0 mm
Hardest rain: 0.0 mm/hr at 0:00
Av humidity 53%
Max barometer: 1001.6 mbar at 4:50
Min barometer: 995.8 mbar at 0:04
This week
Hottest: 21.9°C on Mon
Coldest: 3.4°C on Mon
Windiest N 78 km/h on Mon
Average wind SW 10 km/h
Max wind Chill: 1.5°C
Rain this week: 2.4 mm
Hardest rain: 1.2 mm/hr on Sun
Av humidity 71%
Max barometer: 1008.4 mbar on Sun
Min barometer: 995.0 mbar on Mon
This month
Hottest: 21.9°C on 16/09
Coldest: -1.6°C on 8/09
Windiest N 78 km/h on 16/09
Average wind SSW 8 km/h
Max wind Chill: -3.6°C
Rain this month: 26.4 mm
Hardest rain: 3.6 mm/hr on 4/09
Av humidity 78%
Max barometer: 1025.6 mbar on 1/09
Min barometer: 992.9 mbar on 6/09
This year
Hottest: 33.0°C on 30/01
Coldest: -3.8°C on 19/06
Windiest N 78 km/h on 16/09
Average wind S 7 km/h
Max wind Chill: -6.3°C
Rain this year: 701.7 mm
Hardest rain: 1483.2 mm/hr on 3/05
Av humidity 77%
Max barometer: 1042.1 mbar on 28/06
Min barometer: 982.1 mbar on 22/08
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